Fixed price payment button

Hi i have created a button following 2.3.11. How to Add New Payment Type? – SambaPOS Knowledgebase this tutorial but i want one fixed amount under this button so how can i do this.

Have you tried replacing the Default Amount from [BALANCE] to an amount?

No i did not do i just follow the steps did not find option for fixed amount

Did you read what @Bob_be wrote? Try what he suggests first and see if it works for you…


I change the balance to 20 but its not working. actually what ever the price of product is but when i press the button i settle which i made by name pay the amount should change to 20. example one pizza is 45 i punch the pizza and it is showing 45 but when i press the pay button auto it should change for 20 and get settle.

That may not work. It appears there needs to be a tendered amount for the button to be active.

You can use an automation Command Button at the bottom of the screen. That would be active at all times.


You will need to create an Automation Command button:

3 actions, 1 is shown below, the other 2 are simple actions with no parameters.

2 Rules. 1 for remaining amount greater 20 and another 1 less than 20.01:

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hi this did not work for me

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Hi i made it through department, price definition but as i made and mention zero price in price definition then when i select department and punch the product then the price should show zero but it is showing the amount.

hi can any one help me for the above request please

So if you need a button that will give something for free - what is stopping you from using Gift button?

Actually it is not gift item example the way client is doing like he has 2 tyoe of customers who will buy for normal prices another he has given vouchers which is price of 20 so take anything for 20 so they take 2 or 3 items and total of the amount will be 20. And here he dont need any discount or anything on it and at the end report also will be generate for this 20 price vouchers.

Hi any idea for this requirement

Use the pay ticket action, create an automation command button map it to payment screen and build a rule to make a $20 payment.

Hi jesse thank you for reply can you help me how to create automation button and rule. and I created automation and action but don’t no what rule what I will make for this.


If your client is selling vouchers then a gift certificate would be the proper way of handling it. Here is the KB article for gift certificates:

If your client wants to give a free gift certificate (voucher) there is a mention further down this thread of a way to handle that situation:

@sam2 it would be helpful to the members of the forum, as well as yourself, to describe the whole situation from the get-go. You started this post asking for a Fixed price payment button . I spent time working on that for you with a responds “this did not work for me” (it does work, as seen by the animation). Then you jumped to a zero price definition through a department. Posflow suggested using a gift button. Then 5 days after your original post, you describe what the situation is. You are not new to this forum. You have been around a while and even have helped people, which we all appreciate. But you do not take into consideration the value of people’s time. Everybody here wants to help, but they do not want to waste their time coming up with solutions that do not work for you. It is because of this everybody is reluctant to help you.


Hi jesse can you please help me to create the automation command and rule, please

Hmm Sam2 I am really shocked you don’t know this being how long you have been on the forum. But you would use Automation Command Executed rule when your executing an Automation Command

sorry for that jesse i am not the programmer I have always follow the tutorials or taken help from you and others. mean to say I can copy things but by own I cannot do it. sorry for this

Hi any one can help me for this request