Font on SambaPOS V5 UI


If we want to change the font type by country language on the SambaPOS V5 UI?
How can we?


Don’t know the answer but wouldn’t hold my breath on anything other than a program wide font change.

Although have you looked through the formatting expressions for headers etc?
Size and color can be changed and images/icons can be inserted so perhaps look to see if a font can be set in this way?

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You can not change the system font. You can try different fonts using html in the buttons.


You can use <font fontname>text</font> as the Header for any category or menu item you want to use a different font.

For example, if you want to use the font “Arial Black” for the category “Chip”, just add this to the Header:

<font Arial Black>Chips</font>

(I did similar for “Fish”, setting the font to “Times New Roman”)


Thank You Markjw it is working and I hope SambaPOS V5 can insert font type selection in the header, It will good.

Anyway, In the Ticket it shows default font again.

This is covered on forum again.
Orders on ticket screen can be formatted using order state formatting.
You would need to define format in each status state ie new, submitted etc