Force Staff to enter ticket note (NAME) before closing ticket

Yes it does exactly that.

But i want it to ask name as soon as a table is chosen instead of having to select a product first.

Is that not possible.

The rule would be ticket entity changed then.

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Theoretically that should work. However, it does not.

Upon first selection of Entity, many events are triggered, which we should be able to use, but none of them produce the Ticket Note Screen for some reason. A Show Message test in each of these Events prove they are being triggered. I tried:

Ticket Created
Ticket Displayed
Ticket State Updated (checking for Status==New)
Entity Selected
Ticket Entity Changed

The last one works, but only if you actually CHANGE the Entity.

Hmmm… I wonder, maybe it is trying too fast. Going to try a Delayed AMC…
EDIT: yup that’s it. Delayed AMC works, please stand by…


The idea is that we must delay showing the Ticket Note Screen. In order to do that, we need to use an Execute Automation Command Action because it allows us to set a delay in seconds before it fires.



Using Ticket State Updated event is just one possibility. You could use other Events as well, such as Ticket Created, etc. The operation would still be done in the same fashion.

In fact, there are other Events that you should check as well, such as Settle, and Close Ticket to ensure the Ticket Note has not been erased some time during the flow.


This is the second Rule that will be triggered by the first Rule, after a 1 second delay …


I have just tried this on a fresh sambapos v5 install.

and still no luck.

does nothing.

Please stop saying “nothing”, “does nothing”, “doesn’t work”. It is a waste of time and space to provide no information at all. I cannot help you with that. Nobody can.


When i say nothing. I mean there is no change.

Ticket note does not show up when i click on a table.

I use a program called ShareX to capture GIF videos. It’s free:

Download it and run it.

Be sure your Display Settings are set to 100% Zoom, not larger or smaller, because then your mouse position will not be captured properly. I usually have mine set to 150% but when I capture video, I change the zoom to 100% to get good results. BTW all video capture programs that i have tried required zoom of 100%, so this is not unique.

Finally, use ShareX by selecting Capture > Screen recording (GIF)

P.S. If it says something like needing to download FFmpeg, say ok/yes … this will only happen once.



I hope the below will explain better what I have done and the results.

Since you are using Ticket Created event, remove the Rule Constraints for StateName and State. They do not exist for that event. You can’t just make stuff up like that. Your Rule is not being triggered because of those Constraints.

You might be able to use a Rule Constraint like the following instead, but it may not work, and is not necessary for that event …

{TICKET STATE:Status} Equals New

Do yourself a favor and create an Action for Show Message. Put it in your Rule(s) to confirm your Rule is being triggered. This is Automation Troubleshooting 101 …

When everything is working properly, your can remove the MSG TEST action from your Rule.


Top man! thank you :slight_smile: