Force Staff to enter ticket note (NAME) before closing ticket

I am using ticket note to enter customer names when they are ordering there food.

I find this easier then having to use the customer search etc.

is there anyway I could create a rule to not allow staff to close the ticket without entering a name into ticket note?

As a quick setup, modify the constraints to the Close Ticket Rule and Ticket Payment Check rules to check that {NOTE} is not empty. If {NOTE} is empty, the rules won’t fire.

You could implement more functionality, for example to show a popup to ask them to enter the name first, but this will work quickly for you just now.

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thanks @markjw

a pop up will be a dream come true.

is there any chance you could show how its done ?

Use Show Message Action or Display Popup Action in those Rules.

Remove the Rule Constraint for the {NOTE} and instead constrain the Actions themselves.

Ive created a show message action from scratch.

and applied exactly how you said.

but not getting anything

Ive been trying to get this to work for a while now but still no luck.

I want a ticket note to open up as soon as i select a table or as soon as i close ticket.

Any of the two will work

Could you not use a [?prompt] on entity selected rule?

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Will that open the ticket note tab as soon as i select table?

No [?prompt] is like an ask question popup but with a keyboard and input field.

Is it just customer name your wanting to input? if so ticket tag would be better than note and in that case [?prompt] would be ideal.

Yes id like to input customer name.

I then want this printed on the till receipts too.

I will give ticket tag a go.

If you want info on [?prompt] take a look at my temp tab tutorial which uses the feature to set a customers name on a ticket to hold it open without an entity.
It uses ticket tags also…
And for printigng you could just ad a line like;
[<L00>Customer Name:{TICKET TAG:Name}]

Ok forgive me for this.

Ive just watched the video. But still confused on how to go ahead and set up [?prompt].

Do i add it as a custom constraint in creat ticket rule or as an action?

No, [?Prompt] is a was to get user entered data.
Its a popup with keyboard.
If you have an action for update ticket tag and in the tag value field you put [?Enter Name]
You would get a popup with field labeled Enter Name and a keybard.
The [?Prompt] function used the popup to pupulat the action field through user input and in that case updates the ticket tag with the user entered name.

The Action that will open the Ticket Note Screen is called Execute Ticket Command by setting the Ticket Command Name parameter to Edit Ticket Note.


Then in your Close Ticket Rule, you can do this:


And in your Settle Rule, do this:


If you want the Ticket Note Screen to appear at the very start, then do this to your New Ticket Creating Rule Rule:


You might want to modify other Rules depending on your desired flow, or maybe you don’t need to modify all of the above. It depends on your needs. Anyway, you get the idea of how to go about this now, yes? :wink:

Ive done exactly what you said @QMcKay a few times to make sure i wasnt doing anything wrong.

But i am still getting nothing

That does not help me help you.

Show your related Actions and your related Rules with Actions expanded.


So… nothing happens (ie, Ticket Note Screen should open) when you Select an Entity or Add an Order?

Correct, nothing at all.

Very strange. What version are you running?

With only that Rule as you show, it should behave like this:

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