Force user to select portion

I have to use portions to select choice of meats because this is only way I can get Merge Lines work. Merge lines won’t work if it has order tag attach to it.

I want to force user to click the choice (portion) to make sure it is the right choice. Right now it does default to first portion entry. User may not know if they need to select the choice. Even now I make the first entry to be 0 and no Allow Zero Priced Order but it still can add zero price item and close the ticket.

I’m thinking using Automation Command to show Ask Question screen but quite a lot of work for every items.

Any other suggestions?

Thank you,

I have protion selection thing in my to do list but I wondered how merge lines won’t work if it has an order tag? It should merge if it is possible to merge (eg.same tags used.)

Opps, My bad. It wasn’t working on V3. I works now Yahhhh.