Foreign Currency Issue

Dear Team,

It could be the configuration issue but if you can help me. It would be great


and Dollar is

When i am doing the transaction, it is properly showing as below

but it shows the remaining balance as well

How to sort out this ?

What’s the question sorry? You rate is 60 to 1 so .02 is 1.20 which leaves .30 remaining… I don’t see an issue

My Rate is 60.1

For 1.5, It should be 0.02 which (1.5/60.1)

It should close the ticket but it is not happening.

But 1.5/60.1 isnt 0.02 its 0.024958840266…
Id try adjusting your rounding maybe. Im sure the rounding would be on the exchanged rate and 0.25 is a long way of 0.02

What should be the Round Value to Sort out this ?

I would imagine it would be the lowest denomination for your currency 0.01 maybe?

Try increasing decimal places. This will adjust database to hold smaller values so a remaining amount won’t appear.

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I have tried @emre suggestion as putting 5 Decimal Places and also 3 Decimals

and Round Value is

As per JTR also, i have done as well.

The Result is same

When are you doing the rounding? For me, I do the rounding as a payment calculator… This way the rounding is specific to the type of payment being used (in my case I only round cash payments, not credit card or customer account).

Maybe you will get better values if you use a payment calculator?

Its still correct based on rounding etc.
0.11 is rounded from 0.1125, 0.11 is 6.6 leaving the 0.15.
I think the issue here is the difference in your currency relative to your default currency.
What currency is 60 to 1usd and what are you selling for 11 cents?
Think someone who is more experienced with using multiple currencies would be more help.

I had issues with rounding base vs foreign currency. These were also solved using payment type calculators rather than a calculation that is based on ticket values.

This is a huge topic, but it is mentioned in there somewhere. Might be an interesting read, it shows the huge amount of work Emre and QMcKay put in to get this working as well as it does now…

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