Formatting Payment on Template for Custom/Gift Voucher Account

Am trying to set the format for my receipt template for Gift voucher ‘payments’
Would rather not resort to using the [PAYMENTS] ‘unspecified’ template however am strugling to find the right : for the account payment. Payment name is the account name/number but obviously this is a dynamic value…
Tried [PAYMENTS:{ENTITY NAME:Gift Vouchers}] and not surprisingly it didnt work.
Any one have a solution/idea?

Huh? Try {DESCRIPTION} tag or {PAYMENT NAME} in the [PAYMENTS] section. If not, set up a Payment Processor script to ensure that the Description is being set for each Payment Type…



GC201512160941228500:           ($25.00) L500.00
Desc:2015-12-16 15:21:12.333  (GC201512160941228500)
Cash:                           ($14.00) L280.00
Desc:2015-12-16 15:21:15.112 

Think you missed what im asking, I want to specify the format of the gift voucher payment layout.

In your example it would need to be [PAYMENTS:GC201512160941228500]

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: that is why I said Huh?

I don’t think the Payments section supports that, yet.

You might need to do some fancy JS and a {CALL:X} to build your layout for now.

Think ill use a payment type name if but cant remember the term to find the code, what is it tersery?

I think you mean Ternary?

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Thats the one LOL
Managed to find it a minute ago hehe

This was my work around;


[PAYMENTS:Credit Card]

<J00>[=('{PAYMENT TYPE NAME}' == 'Gift Voucher' ? 'Voucher {PAYMENT NAME} Credit:' : '{PAYMENT NAME}:')] | £{PAYMENT AMOUNT}

I’ve added per payment type template support for next update (.57). So you can define a specific template for Cash payments under [PAYMENTS:Cash] section.