Forum acting strangely tonight

@emre Maybe I am going crazy but it seems the forum is acting strange tonight. I keep getting notifications of threads that are really old and no new updates were posted to them.

I really could be going crazy I have had one major migraine headache today.

Someone updated it to latest version. It might be relates with that but I don’t receive such notifications. In fact I experienced something similar months ago. I marked all as read it gone.

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Also happened to me a few months ago, i also just marked all as read :slight_smile:

WHAT must have missed the mark all as read, about that long ago I remember spending 10-15 minus just going throughseveral dozen topics just to clear them from marked as new LOL

I’ve noticed last few days a few issues with the forum:

  1. I no longer get email notifications of anything - not for PM, topics I have commented on or those I watch.
  2. Notification badge for PM on the forum isn’t working 100%. If someone replies a PM, and they quote your previous message, the green new message badge doesn’t show, instead just the blue notification badge appears.