Free Gift setup

Hi mate as you can see i mange to fix gift question

but i am still facing two problem
1.if i want to choice multi option what do i have to do
2.why its does not show on my ticket what i did choices


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HI kENDASH THANKS FOR REPLAY :slight_smile: yes i am a aware of this but if costumer can choice 2 topping for free and they will charge after 3rd topping order TAG WON’T WORK @Jesse


You can configure order tags to do just that. You have Order Tagged Event and Order Untagged event as well. Both of those events can be used to modify the order tags and you can use constraints to catch how many toppings are applied.

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If she selects 3 dips which 2 are free?

@emre toping 1 and 2 free on pizza but if customer choice over 2 it suppose to charge topping number 3 and 4 and so on

what if they come in and say I want 3 toppings how do you choose which ones are free and which one is charged? Does it matter?

Example if they say I want Pepperoni, Mushrooms, and Anchovy would you charge only for Anchovy or would you charge only for mushrooms or only for pepperoni?

Here is a very basic idea you could build upon. It is forcing selection of 2 of the Included Toppings with max of 2.

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That method of yours will work only if there are specific toppings he wants to use a free the ones as paid. He could also clone the topping order tag group, and have one with free toppings limited to 2, and the other group are all paid.
but even then a user could simply bypass the free one and just choose all in the paid section.

I think he means literally all toppings.

so any 2 toppings are free, and any other topping after the 3rd is to be charged.
couldn’t we make a constraint that could possibly change the order tag pricing and the have like a ternary somewhere,
if toppings selected is equal 3 or more, the tag prices apply, if less then the tag prices of the first 2 goes free or something.

as long as i choice size of pizza it does not matter alll topping for are same price,so it is not important it charge you for which one its important it does charge you for topping number 3

your method sound good but how ??sambapos v4 is limited ability

it is good idea but ,However it required too add another order tag for topping but,it does not look professional and might make user confuse ,i was hoping if we use Gift method but let user choice two option instate of just one

I would highly suggest upgrading to sambapos v5 to be honest. there is so much more it can do.

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Hi kendash Thanks for your support mate
as you can see i setup gift,how ever when i select it it won’t show it inside ticket any idea what do i have to do now

I really have no idea what your asking. What do you mean you setup free gift?

sorry mate my bad,i followed your tutorial What will be the best way to offer a free Item off a main meal purchase
but it won’t show on ticket

after i did Create an Add Order action, when I choose free item,it does not show on ticket what did you select for your free item Like this example you done AFTER YOU CHOSSE DRINK IT DOES WRITE IT DOWN ON TICKET ?

But if you look at the total it doesn’t count the gift item price… this is normal behavior. You can then show a ‘gift total value’ on receipt.
If you want to change you could change the state format for gift like I have done;

Note though that I have a custom formatted state flow but should be easy to apply to the default gstatus state.

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Honestly that is a very poor way to implement order tags. What you need is order tags but you need limits on them. He is not wanting a free item… he literally just wants any additional order tags over 2 to be charged but first 2 free. This is completely different scenario and should not be handled via a gift.

You should really be using order tags and work out a flow that fits for you.

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Arrr, thought he had moved on and was asking different questions…
If two tag groups with free limited to 2 is not an option how about making all order tags free and automating a ‘tag price’ tag which you can update with automation based on number of tags? That is if tags are all the same price? A bit like a order level discount but in reverse…