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Hello ,
i have a client who is the boss of the restaurant and always consumes meals and drinks but does not want them charged but for stock accountability would like the things to appear as cosumed and be subtracted from the days total sales. The settlement should be done by the cashier .eg days total sales is 50,000 and the boss consumes food and drinks worth 10,000(amount to be giftted) the days sales in the work period shouuld show 40,000 les the gift amount.

@Jesse any solution to this?

Use the gift button?

the gift button is working but it does not deduct from the sales same with discount.

@Jesse we want when the gift is used and discount applied they should minus from the total sales.

This is how it should operate:
Can you confirm the balance disappears when you “Gift” and item?

If you want to change the order line display you can go to Manage → States → Gift
In the Price Format field you enter a display format.

Here is an example: <s>{0}</s> Free

yes this is what i want. …what of discount being deducted from the days sales…check my attached photo .

It looks like you are using payment method called “Gift”.

I think this tutorial is what your looking for:

@Bob_be what i want is when the boss consumes meals or drinks they are posted in the system and they appear in the work period report for stock accountability but they are settled as a gift having a zero value and they are lessed from the days total sales.

2.when discount is applied on a bill it should be minused from from the total sales thus the days total sales should be less the gift amount and less the discount amount.

this is best how can i configure it?step by step guide instead of using the gift as a payment mode.

I think the tutorial I posted is the best/easiest way to go. It will subtract the quantities from inventory. Price is irreverent because there is not transfer of funds

Using a Gift payment makes things harder, because payments are treated as funds. That is not proper accounting technique. It would be better to use a Ticket Calculation to reduce amount to zero. But even that would involve some work and not to mention reports for orders would not reflect the correct price(s).

Again, that’s why I think the link to the tutorial would be the best option.

Thanks for the help sorted the gift issue.

what of discount?how can i make the dsicount allowed to be subtracted from the days total sales?

Sorry, my last post might be a little confusing, I had to walk away from my computer and lost my train of thought. If you use the tutorial, you will not have to do any ticket calculation/discount. All the orders will have a zero price. The ticket will have a zero balance due. Therefore no other steps are necessary. The menu items listed on the ticket will have the respective inventory deducted.

On a different subject, on your receipt you posted it looks like you have a Discount Allowed payment type. This is where you should be using a ticket calculation/discount. Here is another tutorial on how to add a discount on a payment screen (it is not using any payment types):

Thanks alot for the discount tutorial link followed the step and put everything in place however its not working the way i want its calculating discount in percentange and what i want is to give a discount in form of amount lets say my bill totals to 1500 and i give a discount amount of 100
thus the total after discount is 1400 .so the discount shouldnt be inform of percentage rather amount.

2.want the cashier to have access to the amount discount button and when i map it to her user role the button is still not active.

Go to Main Menu -> Manage -> Tickets -> Calculation Types ->Amount Discount in the Rate or Amount field, leave that 0.00. Then the cashier, at the payment screen, can type in the number and select Amount Discount button. This will create the discount for the amount that was entered.

Not sure why the button is not active. You will have to play around with the mappings. Start with just asterisks in all the columns. Otherwise post a screen shot of the mappings screen for the button.

The rate or amount field is 0.00 but still discount calculates in percentage.

Set the calculation method to Fixed Amount.

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Thanks alot now it calculates by the amount.