Free ticket possible?

In my ticket type, i have the zero order option marked
When i take an order, with price zero, it doesn’t save the order… the table is free
it only works when there is already an order with a price.
So free tickets don’t work?
Or am i doing something wrong? Is it possible?

Its possible but we need to know more about your setup. Can you show some screenshots and explain a little more with what you have changed to default setup?

BTW look at what Before Ticket Closing is doing and look at your flow. Remember if you have 0 price ticket then its triggering the Remaining Amount Equals 0 constraint. Check for this and see what is happening to your tickets.

I can almost guarantee what is happening is your ticket is being Marked as closed and it will be inside your Closed Tickets if you go to Ticket Lister. You may need to come up with a different flow for your Before Ticket Closing rule instead of using Remaining Amount = 0

You could add another constraint to make it look for Payment Types before it marks ticket as closed.

EDIT: This works:

great solution. It works. Thanks!! Would never have figured that out :smile: