Fresh V5 Install, Crash Help

just done a fresh installation today, but cannot fire up V5,
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Everyone!
log (1).zip (1.7 KB)

What I don’t understand is it says you installed it in sql CE. We haven’t supported CE edition in a long time.

Please install sql express and try it.

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I am also confused, as the only version of SQL on that machine is as shown the 2022 express.

I went into C:\ProgramData\SAMBAPOS\SambaPOS5
and modified the SambaSettings.txt file,
retired to bootup Sambapos and it worked.

I don’t know what caused this, this is the 2nd machine that has had a similar issue, I remember back last year, I also posted about a Terminal stopped working mid-service, and you told me it was trying to connect to a CE instance, which I solved it also by modifying the SambaSettings.

thank you for the help.

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