From test machine to production machine

I have a couple of questions on transfering my sambapos from test pc to a production pc.

I have researched through the forum, as i understand it, you have to purchase a database tool which im playing to do at a later date once ive mastered most of the things i need to have it wokring in a production environment.

The question is do i just purchase the Database backup or do i also need the database tools? Can someone provide an example of why you would need both?

Thanks in advance.

Before you purchase those you might want to look into version 5. Its a single $99 license to use it and it includes all of the version 4 paid modules in that price plus you get a ton of new capability.

Version 4 will not get further updates it is now the older software, Version 5 is the current software.

You can download version 5 before you decide to purchase and test it with full function for 500 tickets after that it still works but displays a popup on order added event to remind you to purchase license.

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Yes, i agree v5 does have all the modules and new features and i do intend to switch to it at a later date but for now v4 is sufficient for what i need it for.

Can you help regarding the database backup and why would one need the database tools?


To answer your question neither is required you can use MSSMS to backup the database and load it on your production PC. Set your connection string for that database.

You can choose to start a fresh database and use Database TOols export function to export individual rules etc,

or you can use Database Backups tool to create a backup and then load it into the production PC.

Or you can just build it from scratch onto the new production PC its really up to you which route you take.

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Also you can enable backup module in trial mode and disable after using it. You don’t need to buy a module just for it.

@Jesse, @emre I will purchase to help that little to fund the project.

I have another question if you dont mind answering. im trying to create the multi terminal scenario by installing sambapos on my windows tablet.
I have installed it on the laptop without picking a database, is this correct? and connect to the main pc by entering the sql server details. Why is it that even without connecting to a sql server, im able to create products and menus, where are they stored if there is no database? i thought you need a database to be able to create products menus etc…

To make things complicated, my test pc has CE database so i believe that needs converting.

How would i go about fixing this with the least amount of work.

Could you give me a step by step please?

Thansk again.

It looks for a database and it writes data to a txt file if it can’t find any. Read this one for more info.

… and read this one to migrate from ce to sql express.


Thanks emre. Really appreciate the help.