[Fulfilled] Application Subtitle Action


In V2 we had an action to Update Application Subtitle which allows you to place text next to SambaPOS at the top of the screen.

This was very useful for displaying Last Sale & Tendered details when using Fast Payment Buttons.

Can we please have this again in V3 & V4 ?

I’ve implemented an addon module for it an will be available on next update.

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I have activated the Shell Subtitle

How do I configure the rule to display the last sale in the subtitle?

Create Action Last Sale
Action Update Application Subtitle
Set Title to [:LastSale]

Create Rule Last Sale
Event Payment Processed
Add Last Sale Action, set LastSale to TTL $[:ProcessedAmount] - TN $[:TenderedAmount] - CHG $[:ChangeAmount]


Thanks John, Worked a Treat.

Mine is better :slight_smile:

Just implemented a new region for “Shell Subtitle” module. Will be available on next update. This region also supports multiple titles, word wrapping, printer template formatting, … if needed.


Wow that looks good. I like that feature.

That looks good. But I don’t think I would use it for Tendered & Change details - I think it would be a little confusing because the ticket has not been closed. It still looks active.

The Last Sale banner was setup for Fast Payments in V2, where staff would hit the Cash button, then forget what the amounts were. The Last Sale details stay until the next sale has settled.

Yes you are right it looks a little confusing. I think best solution is the message box solution for change due. However I’ve tested limits of SambaPOS modularity infrastructure. From a programmer perspective adding such title on top of ticket with an external module is great :slight_smile: That might be useful for other uses.

For sure, its a great idea. We could use it for low inventory warnings, for example.

Yes “low inventory warnings”. Thank you… :smile_cat:

It would be handy if the last sale details disappeared from the subtitle when we open a new ticket?

This is up to you. Set subtitle to empty when “New Ticket Created”

Emre, how do I use this instead of the application subtitle? I have installed v4.1.16.

Change Title Location to Ticket Title

Found a great use for Ticket Title area :smile:.
I have 80%, 90% and over 100% all with different colours.


Great Idea. When you have free time can you please give more details about this setup? I think nobody knows how to setup individual credit limits for customer accounts :slight_smile:

Create Action Last SaleAction Update Application Subtitle why i didnt find this update application …at the scroll option ? trying at sambapos3 ,and at sambamarket i didnt see any button for install too,thx

Update Application Subtitle is only available on V4. It is a free add on through SambaMarket.

Hi Emre

can you provide little details how to make this ?