Full Hardware configuration

Good morning, I would like to use sambapos with all hardware features like the picture:

Could you tell me, recomendations, low costs, brands, and names of each hardware that I could use, problems?


This is a very vague question…

Firstly the picture shows windows xp as the pc os, v4 upwards needs windows 7… DO NOT BUY A MACHINE WHICH STILL HAS XP, it is old and outdated.

Bar-code scanner, printer and pole display are usually fairly generic - barcode scanner for example is seen by windows as a keyboard.

Cash drawer is usually controlled by printer, sometimes by on-board port of machine is purpose made all in one epos.

Touch screen like this which is not an all in one anyway is just a HID like a mouse and erelevent to the software used.

Want a recommendation, if you have the space dont buy an all in one solution, buy a respectable spec small form factor PC as the computer and seperate touch screen (like this is anyway).
You will save allot in initial purchase and in maintenance costs when things break.

This is what I use, although have sold a few all-in-ones when have manages to pick up cheap.

My usual setup looks like this;

The USFF dell is behind the screen.
If you have space can be under counter.

Barcode scanners are usually USB now days and cheap to buy.
Pole displays are normally available as a stand alone unit. However they often use serial (COM) port so if using a pc be sure it has at least one COM port or PCI slot for a com port card.
Printers are available with many port types, serial (COM), USB and Network are main types (not get parallel if that is an option, its old and very rare on modern PCs, even moreso than COM ports)
I generally use USB printers for terminal and obviously network for kitchen printers etc although network could be used for terminal printer if you have network structure to support additional devices.