Functionality of Round button on payment screen

Just wanted some clarification on the Round button that is on the payment screen.

I see it is set to calculation type “Round Ticket Total”.

If I have one item on the ticket costing 22.00, then if I use the Round button, it will allow any amount down to 14.67, then it will just ignore any lower amounts.

So what is the actual formula being used here? There appears to be a maximum amount you can round down, but I can’t see anywhere I can change this.

Look in Tickets > Calculation Types

Yeah I know, but there is nothing in there that has set any limit on rounding. I haven’t modified this feature from the default setup.

In my test, I have a single item of 22.00 in my ticket. Here is a video showing the issue:

On payment screen:

Enter 15, press Round -> Total rounded to 15.00
Enter 14, press Round -> Total not rounded, remains 22.00
Enter 14.66, press Round -> Total not rounded, remains 22.00
Enter 14.67, press Round -> Total rounded to 14.66 (actually in video 14.60 as I have auto rounding added)

So I don’t understand why 14.67 is rounded and 14.67 is not (or anything lower than 14.66).

If the ticket total is a different amount, then the value it will allow rounding to changes too, but it doesn’t appear to either be a fixed amount or a percentage. So I really don’t know what is going on here!

My apologies, I just checked the sample database, the Round calculation type is actually set to Fixed Amount and the button works differently.

But anyway, with the calculation type set on my database, still any idea why I am getting the behaviour above?

lol this is not default round button. I think you’ve implemented auto round button shown here.

PS: There is nothing strange on video. It works great :slight_smile: That calculation method aborts calculation as you’ve already rounded ticket amount.