Funky looks for barber shop

Would this run happily do we think?

Single terminal. Would it run the sql server?

I had one of these and it didn’t last long, before I had no where to return it. So as a main server I wouldn’t, but others may seem to disagree.

I bought one almost a year ago. Still just as good today. Only issue is it doesnt charge fast enough. But the battery is quite long lasting. A very solid tablet. I use it for demo when visiting clients and also so testing with it too. I dont know about others but i even used this in live production for about 4 months in between multi shops while i finished their purchased systems and repaired others…
But be careful not to break the glass. Once broken the touch fails to work depending on where the crack. But saying that the replacement glass is as low as $15 so doesnt cost much and you get good value for money spend.

I even ran league of legends (online game) with good graphics and no latency issues! Solid stuff