Future of SambaPOS?

Hello all

I acknowledge the presence and contribution of popular names in the is forum from the original developer @emre, Tayfun and the entire team. Forum activists like kendash, JTRTech, QMcKay e.t.c ( there is a whole lot i could list here).

My Question is then;

What is the future of samba as a solution we can implement to our clients seeing the whole new arrangement of things. emre being away to develop v6, the new Reseller Platform, e.t.c.

Can WE be confident that we can continue to implement this solution with support from developing team and obviously and most importantly this forum? any information?

Both of your post pretty much the same topic, as you know even Kendash & QMckay themselves have not been informed anything at all.

So, we all are have no idea what next. Actually it has been only emre that let us know what is going on. Since disappearance of emre, we should not be surprised, should we.


SambaPOS can still be sold as a solution to potential clients. This doesnt stop you from been able to sell SambaPOS as a solution. You still will be able to get support from forum and other resellers too. The only thing is, you would want to get connected with an already authorized reseller and work hand in hand to sell SambaPOS licenses and solutions to potential clients and current clients. Since resellers are able to still sell licenses, and the list of resellers are present on the sambapos website, all you gotta do is reach out to one of them who can assist you to assist others. This goes for all SambaPOS users too, they can always reach a reseller with information provided on SambaPOS website.

All resellers have an authorized reseller certificate which makes the official SambaPOS resellers and SambaPOS solution providers.

At this stage yes we have been left in the dark a bit, but with all the changes happening, i can assure you something big and official is going to happen very soon. Much sooner than you think. In no way is SambaPOS dying… Its only getting better and i believe that one of the big differences will be, their means of communication with not only SambaPOS current and future users but also the Reseller will be handled much more professionaly and much easier.


I wouldn’t say we know nothing. Both of us know what is happening and we have spoken to Emre. However Emre is not the sole owner of the company. The company is restructuring its business model that does not mean its a bad thing it simply means its different. Sambapos is not going anywhere and likely we will see big things next year. I wouldn’t hold my breath to see much this year though.

I am personally disappointed that they are moving away from community though. The community is why I use sambapos plain and simple and if it does ever cut that off for me then I may move on.


If that happens, we can start our own Forum if we felt it would be beneficial, or even just for “fun”. Whether or not I continue to provide help for people at no cost is another matter, only because it is my feeling that “they” at SambaPOS want to move to a “pay-for-support” model. If I were to continue to give it away for free, that wouldn’t really be fair to me.

Personally, I will never stop using SambaPOS. I have absolutely no interest in any way whatsoever to use any other ePOS - they are all, put simply, inferior, hands-down, IMHO.

Whether or not I use v6 is another matter entirely. For my businesses, I cannot imagine what v6 would have to offer that v5 cannot do. Sure, I will take a look at v6, but unless it has some “killer feature”, then I won’t bother switching from v5.

Not intended as a shameless plug, but QMX and what it can do has completely eliminated any restrictions you might think v5 has. With QMX, the sky is the limit. I cannot think of a single thing that v6 could offer that v5 + QMX cannot do, and that is where my support will go for the foreseeable future.


I hope the forum site wouldnt get cosed in anyway :-/

@Jesse i personally think you have a a point here. same with me. One of the most encouraging and inspiring things tat make me want to use SambaPOS is COMMUNITY. Notwithstanding the fact that it is excellent as a POS solution.

Doing things different because of business decisions isnt necessarilly a bad thing. especially if it will also benefit them seeing a ast number of SambaPOS users out there. But IMHO it will be important to consider the existing forum/community/public users out there.

I only discovered these major changes taking places when i tried to purchase a SambaPOSv5 License and the transaction just would not go through.

I hope this forum lives on though.

@JTRTech I hope so too :expressionless:

Judging by how things are done here,i guess they will also shut down this forum without consulting the community.They may need to protect the rights of the re sellers,they may also be under the pressure from the same re sellers who want to charge consulting fee.
I tried to apply for re seller licence ,even before the sambamarket was closed but no one ever communicated back .its easier said than done,the future looks bleak …

I am worried about the forum being abruptly shut-down too.

I have created this group on Facebook that we can all join and hopefully forget about, but if we have difficulties in communicating here on the forum we will at least have a platform upon which we can all talk.

If @QMcKay, kendash, JTRTech and GreatShakesBar join I will add then as Admins.


I have been looking for a site scraper lol.
The forum is the manual as we have all explained to people many times.
If it were closed it would be incredibly poor idea.

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I dont think the forum will be shut down at all to be honest. The forum is one of sambapos major support and ideas panel. Its because of this forum a lot of ideas and improvments have been implemented and they would always want a community place to share and help rather than go towards full sambapos support team. This forum with its members practically are its team with the forum regulars ans beta testers too.

With the rapidity of SambaPOS growth they are slowly but surely working on a restructure to tackle the growth to a more professional standard.

Yes @Shivan.It is highly unlikely that the forum will be closed. This is one of the greatest resources places where you have solutions to everything.

And it is FREE. One can buy the licenses. But if Forum Support is free. People are happier.

Few systems can match SambaPOS if there are any.

Your comments are true but then the lack of comunication makes one think of worst case senarios.
Plus your points only increase the disapointment in the poor comunication;
If the comunity forum is of such value to SambaPOS why would you not keep the regulars on the forum up to date on the plans…
The shift to reseller for v5 licence, the updates to sambamaket/b2b.
Samba itself without emre on forum offer pretty much NO support here, its the regulars that support the forum and samba… Would you buy samba if it wasnt for the forum? NO because in the begining you wouldnt have had a clue where to start.
SO if the forum is such a valuble part of samba why is samba official like tayfun not here fending the recent onslought of questions and ensure confidence in samba is held high?
It took weeks of pushing about emres absence to even get a vaigue responce about him working on V6.
Personally my consern is its more than that going on, if I was boss at samba and I had the forum regulars pushing and checking emre was OK etc. I would have asked/let emre post publicly on forum just to let people know hes ok and isnt going to be arround for a while as working on v6.

I really hope good things happen as I like Samba and spend an unearthly amount of time on the forum but you cant help but question the recent events.


AGREED on the above @JTRTech. We are in fact a community we can commit to helping each other. Some of us have been watching SAMBAPOS and not active. But now that we have started implementing solutions we are more than happy to read, post and support others on here.

They plan to build a new support system but it’s not ready yet. I doubt you will see much of them on forum. Sambapos is not going anywhere but the community side of it probably will.

@Jesse What then is SAMBAPOS or anything for that matter? Without Community?

We hang on here! Lets see what happens.

It’s a pos company like all the rest but it sells a superior system. Don’t get me wrong Sambapos is great and will continue to be awesome but I think they are making it clear the days of community involvement are gone. V5 will likely be the last version supported by community.

I hope I am wrong.

I just requested to join the FB group under SN Wingo Wong. Please add, thanks in advance.

I am a bit disoriented as I have just started to be able to implement solution with V5 on my own and now hear that there may be a major restructure. Hope the new arrangement would not affect V5 too much in terms of pricing structure and so forth nor causing the time I invested to understand V5 being wasted. I feel somewhat like a college kid just finished a course in Basic and then the Basic developer said, it is out of date and you need to take a course in C++ :frowning:

Yes, it will since it is up to reseller but I think suggested price would be at least $150.

If you mean V6, yeah it gonna be different. V5 still very powerful and flexible, still have a lot of juice left. :wink: