General question

I think SambaPos is an excellent software, but I think one of the best things that the software had were its extensive language support and it was open source. But now these features are only present in version 3 which is not updated and given support. why? I think you are forgetting interested people who speak other languages, like me, and you are giving up a community that can assist and enrich your software code. are you disagree with me?
but I repeat, is excellent software and I would like to have these two features in version 4 to use it, I imagine there are many people like me.
Thank you very much and sorry for my English.

Dear @reych9
I’m also using sambapos v4 and my language isn’t English and I managed to use it just fine for now . You can change almost everything to your language. Boutons,menu,rules and actions. I’m shore that multi Language will be available ASP.

Hi @pizzaeilat4, thanks for the reply.
I only see enabled the English language, if you could tell me how to change the language of the buttons I would appreciate.

moreover, what can you tell me about not being open source? I had needed to do some things to code level, the new version will not let me. what you think?

You can change the name of the button header
Pay attention not to change the name of the button