Generate Kitchen Display - Issues with Tutorial

Dear Users,
I am relatively new to SambaPOS, and have managed to install it using SQL standard.
I am exploring ways in how best to use the Kitchen Displays

I have setup using the KD tutorial from QMcKay, however, i would like to utilise the entity screen method as illustrated in the tutorial.

My problem is that the Ticket Lister widget is not showing any orders at all.
I have noticed if i change the state field in the lister to unpaid, then my orders are showing up OK, but, when i change the field to ‘Waiting’ and ‘Submitted’ as shown in the tutorial, the widget does not show any orders at all.
Please bear in mind that i have got the KD method to work ok, and in parallel this shows the waiting orders…
Screen shot of the settings to follow…

Did you miss this…

Dear Chipwagon,
Thank you for your suggestion, I have tried to follow the tutorial, but will certainly check through it all again to make sure i did not miss anything or misspelled anything.