Generate Purchase Order, Confirm Purchase, Payment to Supplier

Hi, am working on a project and i would like to generate a Purchase order, Purchase as per the order and eventually pay the supplier. Is there anyone who can assist?

I would recommend to start by creating a new Entity Type called Supplier and batch create entities with all your supplier names

Crate a new Transaction Type that you can assign to Inventory Document Types such as Supplier Purchase Transaction.

Then you will have to play with payment transactions to your suppliers. Understanding Debit and Credit accounts would greatly assist you in finishing your project.

I want to revive this conversation, Just like Essy find asked I would like to generate a purchase order for the suppliers once the goods are purchased and print that document.
How can I achieve this

Inventory Transactions
• Goods purchase note
• Goods Receipt
• Goods Return
• Goods Issue
• Goods Receipt
• Stock Transfer Request
• Stock Transfer Shipment
• Stock Transfer Receipt

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This is one of the best features that is missing in SambaPOS. Almost all POS systems come with these as default features. @VehbiEmiroglu is there something that can be done to have this as a default feature? :slight_smile: and also EFT integration for my country :wink:

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