Generic text only driver with EPSON TM-U220 - Formatting Tags


I am using the epson printer with the generic text only windows driver.
Windows 8.1 single language.
Generic windows driver & winprint / raw.
Printer defined as “Ticket Printer”.

<C> <L> <J> <EB> <DB> tags are working, I can right/left align, I can bold.

However the font size is not working.
C23 for instance will not center the text and print a leading caracter like ", 3, !, ., etc …
C20 will center but not increase the font.

In the generic printer windows driver there is a tab “Font selection” where you can setup some escape characters:

  • Page code (850)
  • 10 cpi (empty)
  • 12 cpi (empty)
  • 17 cpi (empty)
  • enable bold (empty)
  • disable bold (empty)
  • enable underline (empty)
  • disable underline (empty)

Should I put some escape code value for 10-12-17 cpi ?

Thank you very much,


As we’ve talked in detail under this topic Epson TM U220 font size TMU220 does not support font size changing commands. At least we couldn’t find a way to do that yet.