Get bill print time column in the database

I am looking for the time a bill was printed in the database, I can not seem to find it.
I am able to fine the time an order started, time of payment and the end of the order time.

I have searched around and came across the below link. However, this shows the bill printed time in the report, which leads me to believe the value is stored somewhere.

I would appreciate any help, direction or indication as to where I could look for this information.

Thank you

There is no column for bill print date.

Here are some ideas:

  • Set a ticket state or ticket tag when pill is printed
  • use ticket log

Thanks @Memo.

I went with your idea

  • use ticket log

I have come across another query and unsure as to whether I can ask it here since it relates to the the ticket log suggestion or if I should post another topic.

I have the below JSON in the TicketLog column, however, I don’t know what format the date is in and I can’t seem to find any documentation on how the date is stored in the JSON.

[{“C”:“Printing”,“D”:"/Date(1617611952126+0200)/",“L”:“Print Bill”,“N”:“2742”,“U”:“User1”}]

Any ideas or links I can look at?

Thank you

The DateTime format is timestamp with offset.

There’s is an action “Display Ticket Log” that you can use in a rule triggered by an automation command from a button on the ticket screen and it will show the ticket log.

1617611952126 (milliseconds from 01 Jan 1970) translates to 5 April 2021 08:39:12 GMT or 5 April 2021 10:39:12 your local time (the +0200 is the offset - so +2 hours from GMT).

You can also write reports on ticket log data.

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