Getting Mag Card Quotes, I'm confused on the Jargon?

Ive been asked the following questions…

  1. Is the magnetic stripe HiCo or LoCo? (For information, HiCo is less liable to magnetic interference)

  2. Which track on the magnetic stripe are we to encode, Track 1, Track 2 or Track 3.

Have no idea what to get or what it means? anyone?



It depends on your reader also.
Think HiCo is prety much standard nowdays from what I remember.
Rewritability I think is a factor, (again from what I remember from years ago when looked it to it - ie loco better if rewriting each time)

If its just for login you can use any tracks and will only need one.

A sid info is I think each of the tracks has a different prefix/suffix.
Think I used track 2 which was ?xxxxxxx;

What you getting quotes for? Printing?

@GreatShakesBar I have a writer if you dont and need some test cards :slight_smile:

yeah, I’ve found a crazy price:

1,000 - 760 micron white plastic cards (86 x 54mm) printed full colour on both sides with radius corners - £255.00 including delivery, + VAT.
Extras included - un-encoded magnetic stripe

Ill need just simple stuff on there like 00001, 00002, 00003 etc so I guess I need encoded?

Its for the ShakesCard (SambaCard).

So I should have HiCO and that info on any track?



As I said depends on the reader… some have utility to specify tracks to read etc and wether to strip the prefix/suffix characters.

its a cheap chinese one, it can read my bank card

and any other card I’ve put through it so far

you have a writer?..

no just a reader

adding extra characters to build up the post

As I said have a writer if you want some test blank cards to show how tracks etc are handled by your readers.
I would look at maybe getting a writer if I was you.
You use msr for staff aswel?
I got mine for around £100 and it has automatic sequential number function.
By time you have paid to get them encoded your probably not far of getting a writer ready for other uses.

that is a fair point actually…

I think ill do that unencoded nice one.


How about this?

Looks virtually identical to mine, software too.

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ordered! along with a new monitor! :slight_smile:

@JTRTech I’m having a little problem with my graphic designer taking time to do everything.

The printing company sent me this:

We want to supply you with great looking cards, so we need you to make the following amendments to your artwork

    -      We need one set of PDFs showing the card with all extras (numbering, barcode etc) you want on the card and one set of PDFs without.

    -      Keep all text and important images 3mm from the finished edges (86 x 54mm) of the card
    -      Please supply artwork 1 up per document (the face in one and the reverse in another).

I have the card design and just want our website addy on the back, if i shot you something through paypal, do you think its something you could finish for me? I have no idea what she’s on about? 1 up per document? Is that some sort of Super Mario extra life thing??


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You dont have anything from the designer yet?
Thought you posted something a while back?

I have the main design, but the printers want it changed slightly

Send what you have and will take a look

Thanks, ill send via Facebook if thats ok.

infant ill email the company to see if they have a template