GIF screenshot program

I would like to know what program do you guys use to create the GIF tutorials I see on the forum.

Using screenshots is so 90’s and I would like to ask a question for support on the forum but would like to add the gif video of the problem I’m having without obviously having to upload a huge video file.

I’m using Windows 10

There are many apps, screensharex I think is one I have.

I use Screen to Gif. Quite simple and straight forward to use. It also allows you to edit the recordings.

I use sharex it is the best easiest to use and is free

Thanks Guys, very appreciated!

Do we have to host our own animated gifs? Every time I upload, drag, or post it converts to jpeg. I’m using Screen to Gif.


No I paste them all the time with sharex

Every gif I either drop/drop, paste, or upload is converted to a jpg. I even grabbed some other gifs off the net for testing and its the same result.

If I link to an external site it works fine. Here is an example hosted on our business website.


Yesterday, I noticed animated gifs had a broken image, but when clicked they played fine in the pop-up. Regular images did l displayed just fine. Not sure if it’s a regional thing. I’m located in the upper Midwest in the states.

Hmm you are right… maybe something changed in forum update. I will look.

OK it is a bug with a new version of our forum we installed 2 days ago. According to the forum developers they are fixing it…

Ok it has been fixed. Thank you for reporting it @josephrussell Animated gif should work now.

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