Gift Card setup stopped creating new accounts

My Gift Card setup stopped creating account balances and adding to account balances…sort of. It will create an entity, it just wont create an account balance.

I used Q’s Gift Certificate tutorial and modified it to use preprinted Gift Cards. I’ve been using the Gift Card system for about 6 months without any problems. I have not made any changes to the Gift Card setup. I have a backup copy on my development laptop that works without any problems that is about a month old. I’ve tried exporting the All Actions, All Rules and Account Transaction Types & Document Types that are related to Gift Cards. I deleted All Actions, All Rules and Account Trans Types & Document Types related to Gift Cards on the production machine and imported the development export. Still same problem.

Here are screen shots of the working Gift Card setup and the broken setup side-by that pertain to Gift Card Purchase (I restored a backup after import once I knew it didn’t work). If anybody can spot the difference, I would be greatly appreciated!

What is even more bizarre, I can create an Account through Management, then add funds to that account as I normally do through the POS. It will show up on the main navigation Accounts with a balance (account number GC201911 in the picture below):

However on the ticket screen it does not show a balance on the top, just the entity name:
Here is an existing account with the same balance (the account highlight from above picture):

Thank you for any help.

It could be some other new automation you added that is interfering. Or the sort order of the automation.