Gift Certificate Sales & Redemption


Ive followed everything spot on (I’m sure) But it won’t print a gift certificate when I’ve made one.

I go to finish the transaction, and when its cashed off nothing prints.

Any ideas?




Also to add, there is no mapping for a lot of the rules in this tutorial. Does that mean there shouldn’t be any mapping? and it should all be greyed out?



You always add mapping to rules or they will not work. Many tutorials are written as this is an understood fact.


Ok thats good cos I did that. Wonder why they aint printing then!?

I could send someone my database to have a look if they could? Everything seems to be in place but nothing is printing…


It has been my experience that 99% of the people that have this issue all say the same thing

The reality is they missed a detail and the small details can be feature breaking.


Ill go through it all again, again…




Ive gone through it, found a couple of errors. However, Im still encountering nothing…

Here is the order I’m doing things (incase I’m doing it all wrong)

I enter how much I want to create as a gift certificate in the number pad. I then hit the “Gift Certificate” open item that had been created.

I then go to settle the amount bought.

Till drawer opens. no receipt is printed.

Just to add, I don’t print receipts for every transaction, so is there a problem here?

Also, I go into accounts and nothing has been created to show the gift certificate has been made.



Your order is fine.

Shouldn’t make any difference.

If you are certain of this, then that is where the problem lies. The GC cannot be printed if it doesn’t exist.

Post a screenshot of the Rule called GC Purchased & Printed.



also ill add, when I choose gift certificate to purchase, when I hit settle it all cashes off automatically… so it doesn’t go to the cashier screen.

Thankyou for looking for me.



BTW you can link pictures directly to forum. No need to host on third party website and link Url. Use the button to right of the </> button.


edited, thanksfor that :slight_smile:


Ok, that isn’t correct behavior either. We need to look backward.

Please post a screenshot of RU GC Update Order States

And perhaps a shot of your Settle Rule and Payment Processed Rule for GC.


What is the particular rule you would like to see in terms of “And perhaps a shot of your Settle Rule and Payment Processed Rule for GC”. Ive done everything written as it is so the names will be the same.

Thanks again



The fact that your Payment Screen is not appearing when you click Settle is very odd. When you add the GC to the Ticket, does the Total change at the bottom of the Ticket? If not, then there must be a problem with the Order Added Rule called RU GC Update New … so post a shot of that.

We probably don’t need to see the following Rules, but to answer your question:

Under the Rule Section for Automation Commands, you should find one called Settle Rule.

Under the Rule Section for Payment Processed, there should be a few Rules listed.


Total changes, but if I was to press SETTLE now it would mark as paid and open the cash drawer.

This is the settle rule;



Ok, we need to see RU GC Update New.

Notice in my screenshot there are multiple order states und the GC, in particular:


Your screenshot just has NEW. So the Order State is not being updated properly when the GC is added to the Ticket.


Just added, sorry I was doing in order of your post. I should have read it all first! :slight_smile:


I had to also manually type in ‘Locked’ and ‘Ordered’ in those boxes. They weren’t there already for me to choose.