Gift Certificate Sales & Redemption


You will find that most of the time you will have to manually type something. The default options are very limited and that is by design.


The Rule looks fine, but it isn’t firing for some reason, so it must be the Rule Constraint.

Show us your GC Product:


Ok thanks, I’m just trying to rule things out in my head.


I notice a problem… “Gift Certificate” and “Gift Certificates”?



I need to go and visit the shop to see if its working. It goes to the settle screen which is good, I need to see if its printing.


Yes, that is the problem for sure. The Rule Constraint is looking for Gift Certificates, not Gift Certificate.

Menu Item Group Code Equals Gift Certificates


Ive just drove to the shop, and its printed out a certificate.

It has also created a credit account, but i am unsure on how to redeem it? If I go to search, there are NO accounts there. If I go into accounts its there…?


When you click Select Gift Certificate and the search screen comes up, you need to start typing to begin the search. Simply hit the letter G and they will appear.


Urgh, in my case this isn’t working…


Check your Entity Types and also look for the Entity. Check the Entity Screen settings as well.

The issue probably has to do with the same sort of “typo” … you’ve left the “s” off of something, or not…

Entity Type:


Entity Screen:


Looking like its alright there…


And here looks ok…


Remove the State Filter on the Entity Screen and see if they appear when you search.

If they do, we need to go back into the Rules to figure out why the Entity State for the GC is not being updated properly. This happens in the Rule called RU GC Purchased & Printed.


I removed and saved, and it still isn’t showing anything.

I guess you’re getting as frustrated as me… took me all day between customers to get this all done and theres something really small thats making it not run quite as smooth as we want! grr!!


You often need to Logout and Login for certain things to be uncached and re-cached, so try that first.

When you posted the Rule, it looked fine.

Take a look at the Action:

Also check your State config:

If you still have issues, again remove the State Filter on the Entity screen and set the View Mode to Automatic instead of Search.

Open your State config and change the color of both of the GCStatus States to something other than White. Use Red for one and Blue for the other, for example.

Then go to your ticket and click Select Gift Certificate and you should see a grid of GC Entities of differing colors.



I rebooted, and it seems to have done the trick… its showing all though now as we have changed the rule. I can live with this though…

I went to buy something, and it crashed the system… oops


EDIT: I had something posted here, but it doesn’t work as expected, so I removed it.


Changing to Automatic, it didn’t work. It just gave me a blank screen. Ive reverted back and rebooted the system.

Everything seems to be working, but when I chose something for £3.75 and the gift voucher is for £2 it crashes.

I tried by making a certificate of £10 and buying something of lesser value, and it crashes also.

The point it crashes is when i chose a product and close the option box and it goes back to the sales screen… it blanks everything off, throws open the till drawer and puts up on screen “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.”


Option Box? I don’t understand…

Please go to the details tab of the Error dialog and copy/paste the complete error report here.