Gift Certificate Sales

Oh, ok, I could have sworn he was talking about programming mag cards…
Yer your right, looks at getting one a couple of times but temperamental as you said put me off getting used which was only way I could ever justify the price…
Think they use ribbon type printing method, at one point had a guy I found through ebay who could print small qty for cheap but lost contact with him, plus now prefer RFID although printed RFID cards would be cool.

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You could be correct!
Mate I had a few weeks, end on end, of busy+crap+busy+moving+family+frustrated not getting my work done :tired_face: Probably should of just shut up LOL


yeah, was on about writing them lol :smiley:

Oh well, informative anyway

PS: The Printer Writes them and also can do graphic designs at the same time…

Write as in programme lol.

Damn communication!


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Hello and thanks for QMcKay for the great detailed tutorial

I am working on it for 3 days now, I followed all steps as I need this GC very much, I will use it to give some GC for free as an advertising my restaurant also I will give employee every month a GC for their free meals. Any way I have few problems with this which I tried to fix before bothering any one, but could not. So the whole mechanism is working except when going to GC search screen I can’t create new GC.

This is the screen

and when Clicking New Gift Certificate I can’t generate a new GC and pay for it and print it.

I just can manage to create new GC from buying it through the normal POS screen and choosing GC from items

and pay for it but no print out of GC only normal invoice prints

this is the GC print template preview

so this is my problem. Another question if I need only the Admin who can create new GC, but everyone can redeem it. Thank you in advance for helping me.

Correct, you cannot do that. It is not designed to work like that.

Correct, that is the way to create a new GC.

When you Settle the Ticket, it should Print the GC. If it is not doing that then there is something wrong in your setup. No way to tell what that might be without seeing screenshots of the Print-related elements.

That could be done by constraining the Rule for Order Added to Ticket, by checking the {:CURRENTUSER} and/or {:CURRENTUSERROLE} settings.

P.S. Further in the Tutorial Topic, there is details on how to Create a GC manually using a button on the left instead of needing to Settle the Ticket. You still need to add the GC Product to the Ticket, but then you just click the button and it is created and the Order is removed from the Ticket so it does not need to be Settled.

Thank you very much for your fast reply, it clears every thing for me and thank you again. I will work on the printing issue. another quick question can we remove the two buttons Edit Gift Certificate and New Gift Certificate.

thank you very much again.

Sorry for this another question can I make the item or the category Gift Certificate only visible to admin. so only the admin can sell this item.

You cannot remove them from a default/stock Entity Screen that is configured for Search Mode.

However, if you configure your Entity Screen to be Custom or Layout Mode, then you can add an Entity Search Widget (which looks identical to a Search Mode Screen), and you will have control over the buttons that are available in that Widget, so you can configure it to not show those buttons.

When you change to Custom or Layout Mode, then when you click on the Select Gift Certificate button, you will initially see a blank screen. The following screenshot shows a screen set to Layout Mode. Right-click in the middle of the screen and select Design Mode

Once you are in Design Mode, the border of the screen will turn RED. Right-click on the screen and choose Add Widget > Entity Search

Now click on the Widget to highlight it, then right-click and select Settings. You can then choose which buttons appear on the Widget …

If you configure the Widget as shown above, then it will look something like the following when you exit Design Mode …

P.S. The nice thing about choosing Layout Mode over Custom Mode is that Layout Mode will automatically adjust the content of the screen to fill the entire area, no matter what resolution you are using on different Terminals …

More than excellent explanation, Can’t give the the thanks you deserve.

Unfortunately, no. There is no Mapping features available for Menu Categories, Menu Items or Products.

However, you can use Automation to prevent a non-Admin (or any User or Role for that matter) from being able to add the item to a Ticket.

Use the Order Added rule to check the {:CURRENTUSERROLE} and if it is not “Admin”, then use an Action to Cancel Order which will immediately remove the GC item from the Ticket.

For example, this Rule has a Show Message Action in it to display the User and Role …

So when I add a GC to the Ticket, this shows up …

We can use that information to Constrain the Rule and/or the Actions from firing. There are a couple ways to do this:

  • Method 1: constrain all Actions.

  • Method 2: constrain the Rule itself, and create another Rule to remove the Order.

  • Method 3a: remove the Menu Item button from the Menu/Category, and create an Automation Command button to use an Add Order Action which is constrained for Admin Role either by Admin PIN and/or in the Rule that is triggered by the AMC. This method will have the GC AMC Button mapped to the Ticket

  • Method 3b: remove the Menu Item button from the Menu/Category, and create a Custom Category Menu Button which invokes a Rule to use an Add Order Action which is constrained for Admin Role in the Rule that is triggered by the button’s Automation Command Property. This method will show the GC button in the same way as using a regular Menu Item button, but it is not mapped to a Product.

For the first 2 Methods, we first need to create a new Action for GC Remove Order

For the 3rd Methods (a or b), we need to create a new Action for GC Add Order

#Constrain Rule Actions (Method 1)

Now we can modify our Rule to contain the GC Remove Order Action, and constrain the Actions with:

'{:CURRENTUSERROLE}' == 'Administrator'
  • NOTE 1: If your Role is “Administrator” instead of “Admin” then you need to change it in the constraints to match your configured Role…
  • NOTE 2: Notice the last Action Constraint uses != instead of ==

#Constrain 2 Rules (Method 2)

The other way to do this is to Clone the original Rule, remove all the Actions, and add the GC Remove Order Action to the Clone …

Then edit the original Rule and either add a Rule Constraint, or modify the Rule Mapping so that only an Admin user will fire the Rule …

#Use an Automation Command button (Method 3a)

First, you would remove the Menu Item from the Category/Menu …

Create an Automation Command and map it to Ticket, Under Ticket or Under Ticket Row 2.

You can choose to use Admin PIN confirmation (any user will see the button, but it will require an Admin PIN to make it work) and/or map the AMC to the Admin Role (only Admins will see the button).

Create a Rule to handle the Automation Command.

#Use a Custom Menu button (Method 3b)

First, you would remove the Menu Item from the Category/Menu …

Add a Custom Button to the Category/Menu, then Edit Product Properties to set the Automation Command property to GC Add Order

Finally, we use the same Rule as Method 3a to handle the AMC and fire the GC Add Order Action, but in this case we Constrain the Rule, Constrain the Action, and/or map the Rule to the Admin Role. Or if you created the Automation Command as in 3a and only used Admin PIN Confirmation as a constraint, then you might not want to Constrain this Rule at all and rely solely on Admin PIN Confirmation …

You could also remove gc item from menu and build simple automation to add the gift certificate order for you and check the ask admin pin option for the automation command. This enables the ability for other users to add a gift certifcate with the admins permission.

Or even just hide the button non admin users.

I have been thinking about giving free gift certifcates also.

The problem I see with this, in terms of accounting is that because you have not tendered any money for the GC, your sales report will be incorrect.

I plan to create a separate gift voucher, which will apply the payment as a discount.
I have the voucher generating, I just need to work out how to constrain a user overdrawing their credit using calculation types.

Am i right in my thinking on this. For example if you have a voucher (or a gift certificate that has not been paid for) for €5 off something it should be thought of as a discount and reduce ticket total, not the remaining balance as it does now.

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Yes apologies I thought it was sort of relevant when I seen that he wants to give free vouchers but I guess I should have kept it in the other thread.

Good idea as well - I think I like that method best! :wink: I will add “Method 3” to my previous post using an Automation Command button instead of a Menu Item button.

EDIT: added 2 similar methods, 3a and 3b

This is a perfect Tutorial, Many thanks For you and silentbob. you saved me a lot of work I hope i could do anything to help you but my knowledge here is very limited. On the other hand I am a pharmacist so anything regarding medicine I will be a good help but it will be outside this as it will not be any relevant :wink:

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Sorry again can we add the Account Details botton

Do you mean the Can display Account property in the Widget?

WOOOW, That is it Thank you very much, this is perfect now