Gift item with {GROUP SUM}

Hi there,
I found an issue with {GROUP SUM} and Gift item. Group Sum will show the total price with Gift item price.
Here the printer template:

<C>::::{GROUP KEY}::::

<J>Total:|{GROUP SUM}

For ex:
===Seat 1===
1 Burger $5.95
1 Coke GIFT (Price is $1)
Total: $6.95 (instead of $5.95)


try {LINE AMOUNT} instead of {GROUP SUM}

EDIT: Actually that may not be correct thats probably counting #items.

Maybe we need a version of {GROUP SUM} that ignores gift items.

It is not a big deal. We can use order tag discount anyway. But since it was standard features so, I think I should report :wink:

But I prefer Printer template Sort Order by Order State to work over this LOL

I am not sure if that is a bug or if its designed to work that way. I can see both views. It is a GROUP SUM so technically the price of gift item would be a part of that. Although I can not think of any practical reason you would want to list Gift Items original price in there. Unless maybe someone wanted to list Value of all products before discounts and then list after discounts and show savings.

By the way I noticed your doing seats… a different user asked about seats a few minutes ago. Can you share with us how you are doing Seats?

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