Gifting all items closes Table

Dear @emre, when I start a table with two or more gifted items and then try to go back to tables, the ticket is closed automatically… I have to reopen the ticket and add a non gifted item in order to preserve it open.



@gerlandog that workflow is implemented by rules and controlled by Mark Ticket As Closed action. You can change Ticket Payment Check rule to implement your idea. However when ticket contains only gift items there is a specific condition that needs to be covered. Ticket is not paid since you want to keep it open. Also not unpaid because there is no amount that needs to paid. Since I couldn’t think a general idea that can fit to everyone I’ve decided to just close that.

I can understand this situation.

So, Ticket Payment Check rule is executed whenever the CLOSE button is clicked, that means that the close button is the same in ticket screen and in payment screen. Is there any way to deterine wich one was clicked? the close button form the ticket screen or the close button in the payment screen?

If that would be possible, this would bring a simple solution… the rule should be executed in the payment screen, and not in the ticket screen.

Hope you understand my logic… today I am feeling complicated, jajajajajajajjajajajaja



It is possible by testing a program setting that we change when we click Settle button but I’m not sure if it solves the issue because we also need to think the case when we add an oder and cancel it instead of gift it. To differ these tickets we need to check gift total or order count.

We could try that, if you could point me in the right direction I will be happy to test this solution…