Give staff permission to gift certain items


I’m looking for a way for my staff to be able to gift certain items but not all. Guests get free breakfast if they are staying in one of our rooms.
It can get busy in the morning and there isn’t always a manager available, so I want my staff to be able to gift the breakfasts without the need for the admin password, but all other items still require the admin password.

As an alternative, I thought about using an order tag to make the breakfast 0.00 but I know samba doesn’t like 0 valued items.

Is this possible? Or has anybody else come up with another solution?



You could add an item tag to the items you want allow gift and set it to Y, maybe just call it Gift

Then clone your gift rule adding a constraint { ITEM TAG:Gitt } equals Y

Create a new button an call it something like staff gift and assign that auto command to your cloned gift rule instead of default gift button

You will now have 2 buttons, the default gift button with admin pin to gift anything and a second staff gift button that will only gift products with the gift tag set to Y

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Tidy shout Rick, my thought was going to be item tag --> state on order added and mapping the staff gift button visability to that state but your solution is cleaner :smile:

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Good idea also, theres just so many ways with samba :slight_smile:

We’ve dealt with this by setting a different portion price for items. For instance: Normal 3.99, Guest 0.00. Its simple and effective.

We mainly use it for employee priced drinks. Portion would still be 1, but price would be 0.


Thanks Rick, works a treat!

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