Giving Free Item If Ticket Total Reaches Certain Amount

Hi, I would like to implement “Giving Free Item If Ticket Total Reaches Certain Amount”

I’ve read this link and follow the instructions. However, I got problem the program keep asking me whether to add free item every time I enter new order above that “certain amount”

I’m not sure what i did was wrong or the instructions have something to be aware
if the link is accurate I’d be glad to show my screen to check where I was wrong

Additional: I want it to apply to only the table starts with Alphabet A (for example)

Thank you in advance

Sounds like you have missed or messup something regarding the promotion state as it is this thats limiting to single occasion.
As for table restriction, an additional constraint of {ENTITY NAME:Table} begins with A should do the job.

from the link

It looks like this is the point where the question keep asking

After choosing some free item or click cancel the promotion state is “Used”
But I’m not sure what to mean by constraint of “State Equals Yes” ?

show each of your rules please




  1. Adding Actions



You have a state loop, adding order will change ticket state to yes, changing to yes triggers free order and updates to used
Not used that tutorial and can’t see what you have missed.

Personally I would add a constraint on ticket total changed rule something like {TICKET STATE:Promotion} not equals Used or not null which would mean the total changed rule would only happen and update state to yes if not already set to used or not set at all depending on option taken.

I’ve showed my rules. help please

I done this but it stills keep asking

also I tried changing to “Matches All” but still the same

No, on the other rule that sets state to yes.
Do you see the issue?
Changing total changes it to yes, being changed to yes triggers 2nd rule.
First rule needs to know if state has been set to used already ir not.

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You can’t use ticket state updated to change state again. Move the Used state action and put it after the one that actually adds the item.

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But since triggered on total changed wouldn’t it happen again for any additional orders added by user after that without additional constraint?

It works thank you @JTRTech and Jesse
however, I found out that the Used state can’t reverse when we delete some order to less than the minimum order, the free item does not disappear, and when it reach the minimum order again, no free item added for the second time (So the question is can it be reversed?)

I just want to implement rule for checking the total amout
if more than 900 - free 1 soup (1800 free 2 soups, 2700 free 3 soups)
if less than 900 - just bring the free soup out

Simplest solution would be to change flow to award free item at end of flow so don’t have to work flow for removing.
It would be posible to remove but would need automating.
An alternating may be to look into the adjust price action, can’t recall from memory if it has a plain spend x get y option, was initially for combo like buy 2 get 1 type senario.
Another option may be to use a discount calculation to discount the price of the item to be free.

Could someone demonstrate the work flow please, I’m not pro for the program so it would be graceful if someone could share the process