Gloria entity fields

Am using samba since 4 years did many changes following forum, when Gloria food integration sone i changed all entity fields to according to match look uniform,i have integrated Gloria lastweek , its created another custom fields of firstname instead first name so completely new entries comesup even they are already in . what are the correct entity fields including primary, etc . so now on atleast i can create new customers like gloria creating . if some custom field name changed all datya disappears until you rename to old . tried to change.

Not sure what your asking.

I mean iwe already have custome data base of about 600 , now online orders entitty creating new customer , as the entity fields not match. is there a way to merge them? so i can maintain

I would suggest try to rename your customer entity to the one gloria food uses and rename your fields to the one gloraifield uses and add al the other missing fields used by gloria into your renamed entity.

Not sure if this works, so don’t forget to make a database backup before trying.