Gloria food and printing

Hi everyone,

I activated gloria food and I can receive orders. and they show up correctly on delivery screen and sambaln.

My question is how is possible to send the items to the corresponding printers. food in the kitchen, drinks in the bar.

I have assigned online name and product type but items dont get printed. Is there anything I can do?

Of course if your mappings are correct in SambaPOS, it directly prints using SambaPOS mappings.

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Hi Vehbi,

Thanks for your reply.

Isn’t this mapping enough?


All product types = food go to the kitchen printer.

Is there something I miss? :thinking:

Thank you in advance.

Seems good. Did you use ethernet printers ?

There is chance he didn’t name product exactly the same and it may not have a product tag. It may have generated s new product if he didn’t name it exactly same.

The online name has a capital B where the product name is a lower case b, does that make a difference?

Yes that’s not the same.

I think Jesse spot the problem…

My system generated all products again :cold_face: :cold_face:

Can you put me on the correct direction please?

You mentioned the tags. Do you mean the online name field in the tag?

The only products I’ve got on GF are a couple of burgers in order to test the system. However, all products and categories have been automatically created in SambaPos. Is it safe to just delete all of those categories and products?

Is there any way to synchronize my POS menu on GF or should I create all items one by one on GF and just be careful with the online tags, names, etc.

Thanks for the help team

The only way to sync it is to name the products exactly the same in Sambapos and GF the modifiers won’t matter just the products.

There is no way to sync from Sambapos to GF.

Thank you Jesse.

Just a last question before I start to do the batch editing.

You mentioned something about tag.

Do you mean the online name under the tags section or the Field tag next to Barcode ?

Also, If I add the missing categories (according to the guide) my screen messes up the buttons from the main screen. Should I make a new menu to add the missing categories or I can to hide the generated categories somehow? I tried to hide them from the properties but it leaves a blank occupied space

I don’t know what you mean by tag? What do you mean by missing categories?


You do not have to add categories… You do not need to set any tags. If you name the products the same in Gloriafood as you have in SambaPOS it will just work. If you do not name them the same then it will sync the new products into SambaPOS and it will use those.

I think you are using an old tutorial before we even had Gloriafood official integration.

Here is the tutorial you should use:

Please explain clearer, hard to understand what yojr asking.

That doesn’t make any clearer lol
Show print template also.

Whats this line for? Whats all the 0,00. Explain usecase so we can understand what your doing.