Gloria Food Future order

Hi Everyone!

I have a quick question about Gloria Food Integration.

For Gloria Food we have it set so people can order 8 days in advance.
I tried looking for how to official paid integration deals with incoming orders and I couldn’t find anything on it.

If someone orders something for a later date/time do orders automatically get printed/sent to kitchen display?

If not, was it possible for the order to be automatically be sent (x) Minutes before the order pick-up time?

Thank you!

My understanding is the order gets pushed to the order acceptance app straight away and you need to accept it within three minutes or it will be automatically rejected. If you are closed when the preorder comes in then the orders will queue up for approval but when you open you will only have 15 minutes to accept or reject the queued orders.

With regards to the date/time of collection, I believe that will be clearly printed on the order. The order will print straight away I think, after it is accepted of course.

I am not a user of Gloriafood but this is just based on some email dialogue I had with them when I was querying the functionality of it.

As you already know with Gloria Food : any online order including Order for later will only land on your tablet the day its due. It will only show up in your POS when accepted on the tablet. SambaIn app controls the order and push it to SambaPOS. it will start to show on your POS once accepted! more members can add value to this but that is my experience and limited knowledge!

This was also my belief, however I did some testing with Gloriafood regarding this a couple months ago and realised that future orders (for future days) also come through to the tablet for approval when open, and therefore will be passed to SambaPOS when accepted.


Thank you so much for the responses!

I’m just going to start play around with the Gloria integration to figure more things out!