Gloria Food Integration Help

Anybody interested in a little API Integration as I do not have the knowledge to be able to do this.

All I want is when we receive an online order via Gloria Food onto our android tablet I want it to create a ticket on Samba that can be picked up and cashed off when the customer comes and collects there order.

I do not require any fancy entity screen etc just a simple ticket.

Please point me in the right direction.



I need help with this too…

thx for answers

There is a tutorial already explaining this.

If you dont want to use the Entity Screen for this then just get rid of the entity screen portion of the tutorial. You must understand that this is an experimental advanced feature and there will not be a simple setup for you to follow. Gloria Food integration is not a SambaPOS supported project it is just simply showing what is possible. It will be up to you to understand basic scripting to ensure it works.

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Thanks Kendash

I have read the tutorial but I was hoping for a more dumbed down version I do not require custom delivery screens etc.

Sorry to sound stupid

You can skip the entire entity screen portion it is not needed for it to insert tickets that is all done by the script. You will need to edit the script to suit your needs and may need to change the State Flow if you do not plan to use Entity Screen.

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Hi @Jesse i think the point is that Craig_Farman means that we dont understand the part of the API integration. Is there a way to explain it more easier or not?
I like Gloriafood and i want really to use it… but its a little bit hard for me to understand the tutorial…

Unfortunately it probably wont get much easier. It is an advanced capability that requires you to understand basic scripting and how to edit it. It is not recommended to use it in production as there are missing features. It is just a demonstration. To use it you would need to understand how to edit the script and modify it for your needs. You also need to understand what it is doing and how.

oh ok, hmmm its then possible to explain it more detailed to understand it more easier?
And if i dont understand something about nodejs and javascript?

I am not sure what you are expecting us to do. We can give you links to understand javascript and nodejs more… maybe that would help? Google has lots of information on nodejs and javascript though.

If you need help to setup Gloria Food integration, you can always get paid help by posting in the Ads category. Alternatively, my company can help you with it, you can PM me for details. That is your best option if you don’t have any experience setting up yourself and just “want it to work”. As Kendash says, it’s quite an advanced topic, it does work but requires specific setup that although described in the tutorial does need to be followed exactly, many people have followed it and have it working correctly, but everyone’s SambaPOS setup is different.


Hi markjw,
Can we pay you to teach me how to make order of the Gloria Food plugin for pick up disappear after the payment received? At this moment, the payment get stuck in the Pick up, not like for delivery, the payment disappear as soon as the payment is processed.



I have a bit of free time tonight and maybe tomorrow. You’re more than welcome to PM me a backup of your database and I’ll take a peek and see if I can’t get you up and running.

I just send you a message, not sue if it is the correct way to send.

Thank you for your kind assistance.