Gloria Food integration not working


Sorry not had time to check. I’ll check tonight.


No option to skip on my end…

EDIT: LOL sorry apparently it screenshotted all 3 monitors.


@markjw check this out lol… very interesting apparently in USA we must pony up. LOL WTF give me your card… i promise we wont charge it… its free for life but I need your card…







Im sure they are a great company but I am dumbfounded lol. That looks like I caught them with their pants down or something. LOL he asked me for your info even…

In the end it looks like they are doing the right thing but wow thats just kind of comical honestly.


Yay they got me in without having to enter my CC… what a hassle lol. .


Let me know if you need any help setting it up. I do have some dedicated support I deal with from Tookan I can pass you their contacts in India directly to get things done. There are quite a few good settings there for how you want the jobs to be distributed amongst your drivers. Also lets you customise the messages going to your customers. We have changed ours to get a review on google for our deliveries and take aways.


There’s a free service that generates a proxy card instead of using your actual card details.


So long as you trust them with your card details :-p


haha he’s not getting my details :stuck_out_tongue:

My previous experience of Tookan back in November 2017, I tried to open a partner account and was given a hard selling approach trying to get me to make a “deposit” before they would let me do anything. I pretty much told them where to go and it put me off working with them at the time. After this they got desperate and kept chasing me saying I wouldn’t have to pay. Bit of a strange company I’d say…

To summarise, they asked for $5k “refundable” deposit to integrate.

My response…

Can you please explain why there is a refundable “investment” of $5k USD which we have to pay then get back after our first deal?

Given we are looking at Tookan to integrate with our existing POS and online food ordering system (powered by GloriaFood), I am quite puzzled why I would have to pay you $5k to only then get it back soon after since we would sign up an existing client almost straight after testing. Unless I am missing something, this is a very strange business model and definitely not something that gives me confidence in starting a partnership with.

with the response of…

Thanks for reaching out Mark. Your concern is valid - I’ll be happy to get on a call to discuss this in detail. Let me know your availability for this week. Looking forward to talking to you.

Which I just ignored.

After 2 weeks…

The idea is to get some commitment from the partners. I’m sure you’d agree that we invest a lot of time and resources while on-boarding partners and we expect our partners to give us results. In our experience, when this investment is involved the whole process of finding initial deals speeds up.

We aren’t aiming to gain any sum by on-boarding partners, all we are ensuring is seriousness from the partners’ end. Hope that explains the intent!

In your case, since you are integrating with an existing POS, we’ll be happy to waive off the amount of $5K USD.

Let me know if you have any further questions or if you’d like to get on a call to discuss this further.

At the time I had other priories so just ignored it. I had a few follow up emails then that’s it.

I think it’s a very odd way to do business, definitely not a model I have seen before. I definitely would not trust giving another compnay $5k for nothing especially when they need to do zero work for it, and who knows if I’d get it back or not. This new thing about gathering card details also concerns me in the same way, a strange way to do business. I’d be wary of this company, but may still work with them as long as I don’t have to pay anything.


So I thought I would share where I am with this. I recently partnered to do delivery with my Food Truck and I am using Gloriafood for the orders. I was using the SMS Printer option in gloriafood to send the driver a text with the order and it worked great he could click on the address and his gps popped up. The downside is it only supports one phone number aka driver and I am using an ipad with wifi so the only phone it would send to is an IOS device with imessage turned on.

I tried tookan to try and automate this… it works great but now my SambaPOS integration is broken… aparently gloriafood only allows one Order Polling API to run at once. Tookan is getting the orders and SambaPOS is not now. I am not sure which direction I am going to go yet… I will probably just drop tookan.


Did you contact gloriafood via live chat to confirm this?

How about integrating Tookan with SambaPOS instead? IMHO it would work better, since at least in the way I would look at it, you can then have any orders available via Tookan, not just gloriafood. When I looked at Tookan in the past this was always my idea, as integrating via gloriafood didn’t give the ability to handle deliveries via phone or other channels. SambaPOS should be used as the central resource,


Good idea actually. I may try that yes gloriafood is not interested in anything. Everytime I contact them and ask for something they say basically they only do it their way and wont listen to anything.


I’ve kinda known for a while. Basically once polled it can’t poll it anymore. I think it’s how they designed it. It must be marking it somehow once it’s been polled. I thought maybe an official tookan integration would be immune but guess I was wrong.

I figured it out one day when I had two test scripts running at same time and forgot to stop the second one. I thought my first one was broken then I found out it all went to the second one lol. I turned off the second one and bam first one worked again. Sometimes first one would beat second one to it and polled them.


Tookan doesn’t support push? Because I know you can have one poll and multiple push at the same time, I have this on many of my integrations (I am polling to SambaPOS and push to Zapier, which then adds the customer details to MailChimp and ClickSend (for SMS marketing).


It probably does but I was using the official integration that Gloriafood provided. It uses polling. I just applied for a Gloriafood Partner account. I am going to try and push it here in my city my food truck is in. While I was chatting with the guy about partner program I asked him about the polling. He is chatting with me now.





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