Gloria food order accepting

Is anyone else having issues with gloria foods online ordering? My shop is all online with 150mps sleed and still I’m getting calls that there somoene trying to place order, please log on and accept the order? There online chat people tells me the basics which i do and it would start back up but only for issues to be there again after 10 min. Its frustrating when you busy and this is happening. Anu tips or tricks to sort this?

Yes since Oracle bought them we have had numerous reports of poor service. I can’t wait until we finish our own platform.


Whats the costing structure for what you building?

I check the logs at our locations every few days.

Lots of name resolution failures and bad gateway responses. I used to see those errors every now and then and, most of the time, outside of business hours. But it’s been getting progressively worse over the last two weeks or so.

CloudWaitress has been acting up as well (mainly bad gateway - not nearly as often as GloriaFood -, and an occasional authentication failure) so maybe there’s something weird going on with a CDN somewhere.

We have not announced that yet.

CloudWaitress would be open to investigate issues with your integration.

Any updates on Online ordering system?

Yep you can see it at

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