Gloria Food Orders not printing to USB printer

Anyone have problems with Gloria Food orders not printing on USB printer?

I can print the orders on the Ethernet network printer but they never print on the USB connected printer.

I will change the USB printer to use the Ethernet network port tomorrow but thought it strange that it wont print the order on the USB printer.

All other orders print on the USB printer just not the orders generated by Gloria Foods

It not about GloriaFood integration. It uses MessageServer for recording tickets to SambaPOS. But it’s a WindowsService. Because of this it cant print usb printers. Please use network printers for this.


perhaps section 6.3 (1.1) Hardware should also state all printers must be Ethernet/networked NOT USB

We wasted hours/days trying to figure this out and Samba Support didn’t know the cause/reason either.

your help is appreciated

To clarify, you CAN print to USB printers, but SambaPOS Messaging Service needs to be set to run as a user with Administrator rights on the system. By default it is installed to run as LocalSystem which does not give access to USB devices. I believe this is actually mentioned somewhere on tutorials but may not be reflected on the actual instructions on the KB.

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Samba Support didn’t know why it wouldn’t print.

All our services/systems run as Administrator

Check here on your system:

Unless you specifically did what I showed above already, it will have been installed as LocalSystem, which is not Administrator and does not have access to USB devices.

I have set up many before, i came across this very issue a few years back and resolved with this, and been fine since.


We know but we prefer using Ethernet connected printers. This is a solution but we dont want to use.

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