Gloria Food Plug in issue V5

I am not sure if anyone know how to fix the problem with Gloria Food plug in.

  1. When I open the apps, I see " Takeaway" in the list and I don’t know what it is and there is an error whenever I restart PC and error when I try to open the software.

Takeaway Plugin

  1. The order seems to come fine and printed but I cannot get food name.
    I don’t know how to sync the food name. Food show ’ Misc '.

I read from the other people topic and I couldn’t find the solutions.

I have installed the plug in on Windows 10 and still have the same result.

I also un-install .net and re-install .net 4.6 and still don’t solve my problem.

The main things, I just need to get the food name right on the print out.

If anyone know how to fix these issue, please help.

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You have to press sync menu button. And takeaway is for a different integration do not setup that.

HI Jesse, I cannot go to the setting. When I try to go on the setting, SambaIn Stop working.

and when I reopen the software, I see the error message.

Takeaway Plugin

I see that menu is sync, because there are new menus in the my menu list. But when I order, the name of the food come out as Misc.


(Menu and Category are synced to SambaPOS)

Do you think this is because the software is on windows 7?

Thx… Jesse…

Yes you can’t use it on windows 7. Windows 7 is not even supported by Microsoft anymore.

You can find detailed instructions at

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