Gloria food products and orders issues

Whenever somebody tries to order something through Gloria food, the products are printed as miscellaneous. It’s only working for one item, which is garlic

Also, items coming from Gloria’s food are not clearing after cashing them out. They will keep showing on the POS system.

For the menu items showing as “MISC”, menu item names, portions must match exactly to how they’re configured in SambaPOS.

It’s been a while since I worked with SambaIN, but I recall there being a way to sync the menu with GloriaFood. After close, I would make a backup, sync the menu, then adjust the display menu as needed. More work if you’re using inventory.

Regarding the orders persisting on the display once paid, there are other ticket states that control what ticket is displayed where. Being “Paid” is only one part of a whole process. You’ll have to investigate the automation you have and figure out when you’re finished with the ticket and what its final state should be. Once it’s paid and in that final state, you can mark the ticket closed.