Gloria foods Delivery Orders not visible in Samba POS(Ticket Lister)

Hi Folks,
Could you please someone kindly shed some light on below Gloria and Samba POS issue.

When a customer placed an order online (for Delivery), the order successfully passed it to the SambaIN but not visible in SambaPOS “waiting for order” screen.
I have checked everything (including a version of SambaIn) but no luck.
Could someone help me to identify the issue?

It may be that the ticket and or orders’ state isn’t properly set or the state filter for the widget is wrong.

Take a look at the states of a regular manual delivery ticket, then view the online order ticket and see if the states differ.

Thank you for the reply.

I;m still struggle to figure it out . setting exactly looks like in sambapos Document .


Your entity screen looks like the default created when using the configuration task.

Have you followed all the steps in the knowledge base?