Gloriafood and Order Tag Group

Hello …
I am curious whether the following works as designed or whether I made a mistake.

I have added a Choices & Addons ‘Burger Side Dish’ for burgers with the following definition in Gloriafood:
choices and addons

In SambaPos I added an Order Tag Group ‘Burger Side Dish’ as follows:

My thoughr was that there is some magic in the integration to match these 2 but when I do a test order then the Order Tag in the order is as follows in the DB:

[{“OI”:1,“OK”:“0009999”,“Q”:1,“TN”:“Default”,“TV”:“Burger Side Dish:French Fries ( + 40)”,“UI”:3}]

When I do the same order in SambaPos then I get the following order tag:

[{“MI”:6288,“OI”:1012,“OK”:“000020”,“PN”:“Normal”,“PR”:40.00,“Q”:1,“TN”:“Burger Side Dish”,“TV”:“French Fries”,“UI”:1}]

The order is correct in SambaPos but I would guess that due to TN = Default the inventory might not be correct or is this like it is supposed to work?

Thanks for clarification …