Gloriafood api error

Hi guys,
Had a report form one of the client that they had an error with the api shown as below

I wonder what this might be caused by?

Your asking the wrong people. You need to ask gloriafood as that is their product and their api. But I can say yesterday it had a hiccup where it seemed to not work for 15 minutes. Maybe it’s related and when you call them you can have them look.

I changed your title since this has nothing to do with sambapos so we don’t confuse the community.

you may want to remove that last image as it has customer information visible


I removed it for him. Yes please be careful posting anything with customer information.


There was an issue at Gloriafood side on Friday evening (UK time). We had it from a number of clients. They confirmed via live chat it was an issue at their side and it was resolved within a couple of hours.

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they must have failed their first Oracle audit