Gloriafood API Integration

Paying someone to integrate Gloriafood orders to Sambapos.

There is official integration it works really well.

Msg me if your interested. I can help with it.

@rightguys You know you can just buy the license from your local reseller right?

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I need it to work as a Windows service.

I still need this done, preferably by someone reputable. Looking to pay $350 USD.

If you want a Windows service this forum probably isn’t the correct place. I don’t know how the official intergration is run but presuming you have tried it and it doesn’t fit your requirements?
Most people on this forum are not programers to the extent of creating a full program/service. We are resellers of samba with experience in using the samba platform for creating scripting etc.
If you need an external Windows app/service your probably better off advertising on a different website for that type of service.

I thought it was possible…

That is not using the official integration. That was a prototype Emre did a long time ago. The official integration was rebuilt and uses a totally different method using SambaIn software a different team created.

He needs specific features that the official integration does not support.

Yeah I just read that. Those things I already got around using my own integration because I can’t wait forever to have them in the official integration. @rightguys please check the PM I sent you.