Gloriafood Integration-edit order before sending

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TL;DR: Are we able to “edit” incoming Gloria Food orders before sending it to Kitchen Display/Printer?

I am thinking of using SambaPOS for our restaurant, but before we buy, I had a couple questions I hope I could have answered; I have tried looking for the answers in the forums but haven’t been able to find any answers(unless…I completely missed it…in which case sorry :anguished:)

-We currently use Gloria Food and like the integration with Samba, but the problem is that many of our customers write in the comments about changing the orders showed in the images below:


We do have options made in Gloria Food so customers can change combos/make custom combos, but many customers do not use that option; and this is where the problem of wanting to edit orders before sending to printer/displays comes.

I tried to see what the official payed integration looked like but I could not find anything on it.

Thank you so much!

No you should decide if you want to allow that from Gloriafood and let them do it when ordering from Gloriafood. Or disable the option to leave notes.

You can disable the notes option in gf forcing them to do it with options.

Thanks for the super quick reply!

In that case, if we do leave comments on, do you know how the comments are shown on the POS?


was it possible to pay someone to build an integration that has that option?

They are shown as either Order Tag Note or Ticket Note

And once they are in SambaPOS, you can change how they are printed on the receipt by changing the printer template. Same goes for kitchen display. That is all fully customisable.

As Jesse says if you have options already setup in Gloriafood, just disable comments on that item to stop customers ignoring. Or if you don’t want to, make the choice mandatory in Gloriafood and have an option like “no changes” then they are forced to pick something, should prompt them to not manually type comments.

But its true no matter what, customers just don’t read… :wink:

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Thank you for the reply!

Unfortunately…too true…
We are going to try to figure out a way where we can get customers to not leave comments.(I’m afraid people will probably start calling…)

I do have another quick question.

If someone orders something in the morning for pick up at 5pm, will the order be printed right away?

Thank you again!

No it will not print the order until the opening hour of your restaurant as set in gloriafood. You can enable in the api the option for pending orders… then it will print imediately but you will get a duplicate order once it is opening time. …

@vehbi can we look at this? If we enable pending orders in the api we should probably not generate a second order when it polls for accepted. Surely there is a unique identifier we can use to make sure it doesnt generate a second order?

Right now if we enable pending status it will print the pending pre orders right away, but once it polls again during opening hours it will also print the accepted ticket generating 2 tickets for the same order.

Sorry about the late response.

So my understanding is that if someone ordered something at 3:00pm, and wanted it picked up at 8:00pm, and the Store is open from 4:30pm, then the order will print out at 3:00pm when they ordered, and at 4:30pm when the restaurant opens?

Yes correct. It will not print any order ahead orders until it is store opening time.