Gloriafood integration improvement


I had communicated this on private but I thought might be good in public see others thoughts. I have a need for both delivery and pickup with Gloriafood however the current solution only works for delivery. I suggested allowing it to read the Gloria ticket determine if pickup or delivery and create one of two ticket types defined in setup for either. If delivery it can work as designed now if pickup use x ticket type and have an entity screen for pickup order queue.


I will share my order queue screen shortly.


My order queue screen for pickup orders.


It’s not finished but type would be ticket type, ETA can be the ticket note for fullfilment time. I’d remove table column I was gonna allow it for table reservation part of Gloria but decided against it.


I would also love the ability to choose in settings the payment type to auto pay online cc paid orders.


@kendash we have our own Gloria food integration with SambaPOS that we use instead of the official one exactly for these points. It was originally based on Emre’s concept then the modifications you made, but have done a lot more since then. Still working on tweaking things more to work with our standard setups because there is a lot of things still to do to make it a great integration in my opinion - things like if customer uses same phone number but Gloria food will allow them to enter any address, SambaPOS needs to update the entity with new address

I already have separation for pickup and delivery. Working on better handling for “order for later” as well, and auto payment in SambaPOS when paid online by card.


Yes I probably would do my own but I want to help them mature the paid solution.


Yes Jesse we added this. But in one ticket type. I will add to select ticket types for delivery or pickup. Its near to finish. I think next week send it to you again for testing.


Did you spot the bug with multiple qty of same item?


The QTY bug is more important right now because it causes wrong data in sambapos and renders the entire integration useless.


@kendash do you remember I think we had the qty issue in the original script version that was posted on the forum and I think you fixed it? Or maybe Emre did. I am pretty sure this issue existed before and was fixed somehow and was in the script, meaning not any issue with SambaPOS / graphql. I know I am using my own script for gloriafood and I don’t have this issue.


Yes I do remember that which is why I am mentioning it here. I am fairly sure it was some issue with the script yes. Been so long ago though I dont remember what I did.


Today i will release a new version of GloriaFood integration with multiple entity types


@VehbiEmiroglu did you release it?


Today i will do it. I must notice you for that.