Gloriafood integration / operation with SambaPOS

I would like to integrate Gloriafood but have a few of questions as to how it will work with SambaPOS.

  1. When integrated with SambaPOS do we still need to use the app to accept the order?

  2. Assuming we still need the app, is the order passed to SambaPOS after being accepted and will it print out on my kitchen/bar printers in the normal way?

  3. Gloriafood also allows table reservations. Is this also integrated into SambaPOS and if so, does it work with the integrate with the Reservation Setup that is installed from the SambapOS Configuration Tasks

So there is an official integration for this. It is an application that sits in your system tray.

  1. Yes you have to use the app to accept the orders that is mandatory via Gloriafood and they will not budge on that I have asked.

  2. Yes it is passed to SambaPOS and it will print.

  3. No not yet in the official integration.

@markjw has developed a custom integration that can do more if your interested maybe talk with him.


My phone just died and I had a long post typed out… bah…

The main differences I have in my custom integration over the official integration:

  1. SambaPOS Order Tags match up with GloriaFood Choices / Addons, which makes things a lot cleaner IMHO. The official integration will just put all Order Tags into a “Misc” order tag group, so it will totally mess with inventory if you use that.
  2. GloriaFood Size is mapped to SambaPOS Portion (I don’t know if the official integration does this yet?)
  3. Handles reformatting of the customer phone number from international to national format. GloriaFood passes the phone number in international format (+44, +1, etc.) which causes issues if you use Caller ID which most likely will use a national format (e.g. in UK, will be 01234567890 instead of +441234567890). This ensures online and phone orders are matched up with the same customer and you don’t end up with duplicate customers.
  4. Runs as a Windows service. The official integration runs as a standard Windows app and sits in the system tray.

Current issues with my custom integration:

  1. No support for importing menu from GloriaFood to SambaPOS (official integration has this)
  2. You have to manually match up Products, Order Tags (to Choices / Addons) and Portions (to Sizes) between SambaPOS and GloriaFood otherwise incoming orders don’t currently match up properly.

There is no support for this in the official integration nor my current integration currently. IMHO I do not think GloriaFood table reservation is a good choice for any restaurant, it is severely flawed in their implementation as how they treat a table reservation - when someone places a reservation, it comes through to the app like any other online order and requires you to accept it within around 3 minutes or it will be marked as missed. You should not have to instantly approve a table reservation like this! I do hope they improve on this one day as it’s quite a good feature if they implemented it properly.

If you are interested in my custom GloriaFood integration please send me a PM.

Thanks for the replies guys.

@markjw your comments on the table reservation mak a lot of sense, I haven’t tried that part in Gloriafoods so I hadn’t realised that issue.

Table reservation from the website is something I would like to get working, Gloriafoods seemed to be an easy option, but maybe not. We have a reservation form on the website and the SambaPOS Reservation Setup is quite neat, but I am struggling a bit with how to get the form data from the website into SambaPOS. Any ideas?

It now supports this in the official one.

Official one now supports this as well.

The biggest option that official integration does not support and I wish it did.

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Table reservation will be supported in Gloriafood integration officially but when I cant tell you. Mark could probably develop that as it shouldnt be too hard. But just like all things it takes a lot of time which if hes like me, he simply doesnt have.

Which version supports the match between SambaPOS order tags and GloriaFood Choices/addons?