GloriaFood Integration Order Tag Quantity Missing

I’ve set up GloriaFood integration and it works well except that order tag quantity is not passed into SambaPOS. I tried setting “Add OrderTag Group Name” to Show in SambaIN but the issue persists.

SambaIN v1.0.26.0
SambaPOS v5.30

This is the online order, notice the 3x Seafood_Addons and 2x DTT Boil_Step 1

This is the order received by SambaPOS, the price is correct but the order tag quantity is missing.

Hello @Scott,

I discussed the situation with the development department and they told me that it could be added as an option into the SambaIn settings section according to the availability of their schedule.

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Not knowing your setup but, if the ‘Pick Your Seafood’ is two orders of crawdads and not one with double, you should disallow multiple selction of the option and instead have the guest select two ‘Pick Your Seafood’ items.

That would work but this order tag group has about 20 items. It’ll make the ordering experience feel cluttered especially since we allow customers to pick over 2. Also what if customers only want 1 choice then they’ll have to scroll a lot and select “none” for all the other duplicate order tag groups that also have 20 some choices.

The older versions of GF integration had multiple order tags working. I’ve also confirmed with samba support that they were able duplicate the bug.

There is another issue that may be related.

Product Quantity also occasionally does not get correctly passed into SambaPOS.

I got this problem too customer order 2 only show 1
in SambaPOS. but bill total is correct.

@Scott in your example, is the “create your own seafood boil” product on GloriaFood a zero price product? I think it is as the total price $26.00 seems to be created from 2x snow crab legs (2x $13.00). If so I have seen this bug before, and I came across it when doing another integration with GraphQL as well - when the product price is 0, it doesn’t import into SambaPOS correctly and usually will ignore quantity and possibly set product price to 1.00.

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Hey Mark, the “create your own seafood boil” is set to zero price in GF. You’re right that the ticket total is correct in SambaPOS but the quantity only shows 1. I’ll test setting the GF product price to $0.01 and see if this issue occurs again. Thanks for the suggestion.

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